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Welcome to Making Money Academy

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Welcome to Making Money Academy, the aim of this website is to help people make a full or part time income from their hobby or passion in life.

I make a good income from my own hobby which is “Keeping Chickens” I have spent the last 2 years learning all I can about using the internet and social media to earn a living from my hobby. It hasnt always been easy and I have made lots of mistakes along the way but I have learnt a great deal from my mistakes and I hope that by reading what I have to say you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes.

In August 2012 I published my first book “So You Want To Start Keeping Chickens?” and after only 4 weeks the Kindle version went to No1 on Amazon in Bird Care and after that it went to No1 in two more categories and stayed at No1 and is still there as I write.

My Facebook Page I Love Keeping Chickens has nearly 8000 fans and growing daily, and my Twitter following is nearly at 1000.

As well as my book I also sell several chicken related products online and also offline

I say these things not to boast after all this site is not about me it is about you and what I can do to help you, I say them just so you can see that my little hobby of keeping a few chickens has turned into a big business.

My other passion in life is helping other people and as I have already said my mission here is to help you turn your own hobby, pastime or pasion into cash. I really care about other people and I believe that given the right information and guided down the correct path we all have it in us to succeed, someone once said to me “Mark, you can have anything in life you want all you have to do is find a way to get it”.

I will also be sharing internet and marketing information for online businesses.

I’ll also be sharing some useful resources, advice and internet marketing tips.

So if your up for the challenge please keeping checking back as I will be adding new content on a regular basis, and why not share with your friends so they can benifit to.

Before closing I would just like to say if you have any questions then please DO get in touch via the contact form and I will do my very best to help you.

To Your Success


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