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Welcome to Making Money Academy

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Welcome to Making Money Academy, the aim of this website is to help people make a full or part time income from their hobby or passion in life.

So, let me begin by telling you a bit about myself, my business  and why I think I am qualified to help you.

My Life With Chickens

And How I turned My Love Of Chickens Into a Full Time Business

Keeping Chickens Hobby

A couple of years ago, I would not have thought myself as a natural entrepreneur at all. My business idea came from my hobby – my wife Sharon and I love keeping chickens.
In 1984 we bought our first chickens and we were hooked from then on and now cannot imagine life without them.

In 2002, we took the huge decision to move from our little 3-bed semi where we’d lived for 14 years to a smallholding in rural Lincolnshire, to follow our dream and have a go at living the ‘good life’.
We took six chickens with us, and having more room we began to breed, hatch and rear our own chickens.
People started to call because they had seen the chickens in the front field, and ask if we had any chickens for sale. But back then, we only sold free range eggs to a few close friends.

During the down turn in the economy, keeping chickens started to become very popular. As I had kept chickens for nearly 30 years, I thought perhaps I could turn my hobby into a profitable business.
Sharon resigned from her job to concentrate all her efforts into our new business, which we hoped would provide a small income and the opportunity to do something that we both loved together. We bought some breeding stock of rare and pure breeds and started.

I made a huge sign and put it up by the roadside, and as the chickens became ready they sold as quickly as we could breed them.
We wanted to supply birds that weren’t available locally, and alongside rare and pure breeds we saw the potential in selling hybrid (cross breed) hens that were friendly, good egg layers, long livers, and available all year round.

I found a reputable supplier who delivered the young hens at 16 weeks, ready to sell. They were fully vaccinated with 12 different types to choose from, so we could cater for everyone’s taste. They proved very popular, so with the help of a good friend Colette Mason we built a website showing all the chickens and it generated lots of inquiries.
We started the business part time and in June 2013, I took the plunge and went full-time – generating a turnover of £55,000 in our first year.

I soon realised that “putting all my eggs in one basket” was going to be risky so adopted a “many streams make a river” approach, generating an income from several profitable sources:
Selling equipment online through Ebay, Amazon, my 2 websites and other online opportunities

Selling chickens and equipment from our on-site Farm Shop [which I built]

Writing – I wrote a best-selling book and continue to write articles for others.

I studied my market closely and spotted some quality products that I can import from China and sell in the UK for a good profit margin. I undertook a course to learn every part of importing successfully and will launch in Spring 2015

My biggest achievement has been our happy customers knowing that they have been provided with first class products and have been properly educated in how to look after their chickens and providing them a lifetime of support and advice.

Once again with the help of my friend Colette I wrote and self-published my own book “So You Want To Start Keeping Chickens.” It’s a real beginners guide and took me 7 months to write, but it went to No1 on Amazon and stayed there for 9 months, generating great reader reviews and selling well over 1000 copies.
I also decided to create a Facebook Community for other chicken enthusiasts to share advice and tips. It’s now developed into a really active group, attracting nearly 20,000 fans.

In addition I have now created a chicken owners membership site which is now approaching 2000 members.

I have made a real effort to learn how to promote my business through various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more recently Instagram.

I had no funds to start my business and borrowing from the bank wasn’t an option. I overcame this hurdle by raising the cash needed myself – buying and selling on Ebay, collecting and selling scrap metal, and doing odd jobs for people around the village.
I didn’t have any computer skills and had to learn from scratch [I’m an “older person” too but didn’t let this stop me].

I believe the hard work I have put in up to this point will help take the whole business to a higher profile and also help me take it to the next level. It would show other aspiring entrepreneurs that all you need is a good business idea, a willingness to learn and work hard, and you can create your dream business
I’d also hope that it would encourage older people to take the plunge as being an entrepreneur has no age restrictions, unlike traditional employment.

I am going to build a purpose built much bigger onsite shop to expand our range of products and generate further sales. We are also expanding our range of chickens for 2015 and I have just finished testing our own range of Chicken coops which we will launch soon.
I’m looking to significantly expand our online sales and am very excited about importing goods from China next year.

We’ve been featured in the following media:

BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Boston Standard, Boston Target, Lincolnshire Echo, Lincolnshire Life, Practical Poultry Magazine, Your Chickens Magazine, Country Smallholding Magazine, Country Le Vie Magazine, The Primary Times (teacher & parent magazine), Female First, Male Extra, The Daily Post Wales, This is Lincolnshire, Mums And Dads Magazine, Country File Magazine, Lincolnshire Today)
I am now recognised as an expert in my field and this has led to me being invited to speak at this event before you today.

Lincolnshire is not an area with a lot of traditional employment opportunities. I believe that I have tweaked one of our oldest occupations [farming] by spotting a market opportunity and extending the reach of the business from Lincolnshire to a National level, putting Stickney on the map!
Overall I see Chicken House Poultry be the biggest pet poultry business in Lincolnshire and I intend to start to compete with some of the bigger businesses nationally.


My other passion in life is helping other people and as I have already said my mission here is to help you turn your own hobby, pastime or pasion into cash. I really care about other people and I believe that given the right information and guided down the correct path we all have it in us to succeed, someone once said to me “Mark, you can have anything in life you want all you have to do is find a way to get it”.

I will also be sharing internet and marketing information for online businesses.

I’ll also be sharing some useful resources, advice and internet marketing tips.

So if your up for the challenge please keeping checking back as I will be adding new content on a regular basis, and why not share with your friends so they can benifit to.

Before closing I would just like to say if you have any questions then please DO get in touch via the contact form and I will do my very best to help you.

To Your Success


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Following yesterdays post about setting goals I thouht it would be a good idea to show you how you can bring great things to your life by bringing about a few changes to your thought process and the way you do things which will help you to manifest life to the fullest.

So if your ready lets get started.

Do you know at least one person that seems to make the most of out every situation? Someone who has great success at the act of manifestation (the act or product of bringing about change through the direction of consciousness)?

You may even have felt a little jealous of the person because it appears they have everything, seemingly getting these things with minimal effort as though they were born ‘lucky’.  Well, it is probably time you understand that the power of manifestation lies within each of us and it is up to you to learn more about it.

Attracting abundance is knowledge. Just like any other skill people have, manifesting is no different.  Skills like playing a musical instrument or making gourmet meals require time and commitment to learn and practice.  So does the skill of manifesting.   How good you get, depends on how well you learn the skill and how well you apply it.

Even though some of us are better at certain skills, that doesn’t mean the rest of us, with practice, can’t improve or even surpass the talent expressed by another. Some seem to have learned it so well that they often  don’t even realize how they do it. Manifesting abundance now comes to them so readily it appears ‘natural’ just as a well trained pianist seems to play the piano without thought or effort. They learn to believe whole-heartedly that they simply deserve something; it is now part of their reality. Those are the ones that seem to be born ‘lucky’.  Luck is not how they got there!

So, how can you start on your journey towards manifesting great things for yourself and those you love?  Here is the first step – a basic understanding of the ‘Law of Attraction’.

Gaining a good understanding of how the “law of attraction” works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life.  You can create our own reality. You can attract riches, opportunities and happiness, etc., in our life when you learn to focus or attract yourself on them.  In order to do this, you must learn to believe and think in a positive way towards those things you seek.  You probably also know at least one person (hopefully not you!), who dwells on the negative and truly will focus on having less. They are attracted to ‘less’ not ‘having more’.  When you focus on “I hate my current employment” then you will never notice the aspects of your employment that might be satisfying. You must understand that just wanting something isn’t going to bring that to you if you continue to focus on the ‘not having’ of that something. You may have personally experienced that “not having” attitude and learned that it blocked your true desires.

You must learn to focus on a particular item or scenario rather than on vague goals like ‘more cash’ or ‘winning money’.  Focusing on winning the lottery, for example, is a fruitless event. Although, through luck, some win lotteries, focusing on winning the lottery is kind of like focusing on “not having.” Oddly enough, many who focus on winning naturally dream of what they could do to help others, even though many of those dreams could actually already be done with their current incomes on a smaller scale, but they don’t. This is probably because they focus on what they perceive as their ‘not having’ or ‘having so little’.  With this attitude they end up believing that those dreams are only possible by winning the lottery. They are literally afraid to act on their dreams for fear that they do not currently ‘have enough’ to offer.

For example, I know several decently paid professionals that repeatedly tell me that they too would really love to sponsor a foster child in another country and they would if they won the lottery.  They are afraid that they cannot currently afford £1.00 a day as that might leave them short of cash in case of an emergency like an unexpected auto repair.  Their focus is on “not enough” rather than being focused on sponsoring a needy child. When they are focused on “not enough” it won’t ever matter how much money they have, it will never be enough.

Just talking about sponsoring a child brought their fears out into the open. It would be great if they could trust that helping a needy third world child would not put them at financial risk.

So what I would tell these professionals, who would like to sponsor a child but feel they just cannot,  is that they focus on visualizing a starving child being fed by their contribution and perhaps a wonderful letter from that child, complete with a photo to be proudly placed along side other family pictures.   This would be a positive image/thought to get that picture to become a reality. Perhaps talk it over with the rest of the family to see what they could do without to create that $1 a day.  This is the first step in learning how to manifest their lives.  This same first step will work for all aspects of life from healthy, happy relationships to personal wealth.

Is it your turn to make the most of out every situation?  Is it your turn for others to see you as ‘lucky’?  Does your lack of ability to manifest life leave your soul wounded or lacking?  Would you like to learn all the steps to manifest life?  You deserve it and it is time to take action.

So there we are, a bit of a long one today but I hope after reading it you will sit down quietly and ponder over it and say to yourself “right thats it I’m going to manifest my life to the fullest from now on”

I hope you enjoyed todays post, if so why not share with your friends and leave a comment below.

Till next time

Your Friend

Mark :)

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5 Great Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Today I am going to talk about goals and goal setting as I believe they are very important to your success. Over the coming weeks I will be posting lots more articles on setting goals and how to acchieve them so keep checking for new content.

Goals are a great tool for motivation. But if you don’t use them correctly, they can also be a source of frustration. Goals are only empowering if they are used properly. So how do you make a goal into something that is a benefit for you?

Goal-setting strategies are important especially to help you create the type of success you desire and deserve. Here are five goal-setting techniques to help you realize them.

1. Balance Your Goals: In your life you will have personal development goals, personal finance goals and things goals. Don’t neglect any of them. It is ok to want things, but don’t forget to balance those pursuits with your own growth as a person. All of these goals are importan, so be clear about all of them and make them real for you.

2. Plan Actions From Your Goals: Goals are not items for your to do list. Your goal is what you are striving for. Plan specific actions that lead you towards those goals. Use the goals to provide your compass for those actions. When you plan actions for the day you can easily tell if they’re going to be effective if you have clear goals to compare them against.

3. Share Your Goals: If you were an archer, would you keep it a secret that your goal is to hit the bull’s-eye? Too many keep their goals a secret. Share your goals with people who will support and encourage your aims.

4. Write Down Your Goals: Make your goals real by recording them. Put copies of your goals on index cards and keep copies in the car and in the bathroom and review them regularly. Make them the center of your focus. Don’t just set them and then ignore them. Your goals are like a compass to tell you which way to go. The exciting part is that you get to chose the alignment of your compass.

5. Don’t Give Up: Your goals and the actions you take to get them are different things. Don’t be afraid to try something, fail and try something else. Take effective and massive action to meet your goals and understand that any true goals will take many steps to achieve. Sometimes you will make a misstep, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the goal. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s only those who abandon their goals who don’t achieve them.

So there we are, 5 great tips that I hope will help you to achieve your own goals. One thing I should of mentioned is to make sure your goals are achievable and not something “pie in the sky” There is no harm in setting your goals high but at the same time make them realistic.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and take something from it, its a very important part of any business.

Why not share this post with your friends and leave a comment below this post as I love to read them.

Till next time


Mark :)

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Making Clear Conscious Decisions To Take Control of Your Life


Mankind has been blessed with the free will of making decisions. These decisions can enrich our life or cause it to take a turn for the worse. Not a day goes by that we don’t make dozens, even hundreds of decisions, most without even thinking.

Daily, we decide when to arise, what to eat, what to wear and what route to take to work or wherever our destination leads. These are made with little pause or thought. Others require a little more insight such as where to vacation, who to date, who to marry, which car to buy and which neighborhood is best for security and schools.

The decisions we make, whether major or minor, affect our lives to no small degree and those decisions must be made. Some of us approach decision making with reluctance and dread being afraid of the consequences. Sure, almost any decision we make could involves conflict and dissatisfaction. Yet, we must take control and make the decision and accept the outcome, good or bad.

Decision making is a lot like bill paying. Both must be done and usually within a certain time frame. If we’re late paying our electric bill the consequences can be the discontinuance of power or a late fee.

If you fail to make a decision in a timely manner it could be taken out of your hands and placed in the hands of others. Avoiding decisions or avoiding paying bills may seem easier but results are rarely desirable.

Why must you make a decision? Identify the purpose, determine exactly what has to be solved and when. It might make the problem become clearer if you make a pro and con list. Study the list and the different choices and evaluate each in terms of consequences. If I make this decision what will happen and if I make another decision this is the result.

Determine the best decision, evaluate the outcome and make the decision. You might be criticized for making the wrong decision but you’ve done the best you can do with all the information available and you moved forward. You made a decision. You did something before being run over from behind. The only people who are never criticized are those who do nothing.

A key decision can alter your life. Accept this fact and approach it with eagerness. In the movie Sliding Doors, a woman’s life is changed dramatically because she failed to make it through a sliding door.

The movie gives us an opportunity to see how she handles each set of circumstances. This is probably an over dramatization, but illustrates the power and importance of our decisions.

Gather information on the decision to be made, determine the best alternative and put that decision into action. Look back only to learn from your past decisions but don’t dwell on them. Move ahead and focus on your future. Decision making requires a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going then one decision is as good as the other.

It’s a good feeling to make a conscious decision about yourself and your life and each time you do this the process becomes easier and your confidence builds. Make a commitment, make a difference and take control of your life.

One of the best decisions I have made in recent years was to give up my stressful contracting business and start my own chicken business here at my farm. Not only is it very enjoyable as I am now doing something I love and I really enjoy meeting people who come to buy their chickens and helping them get started in this great hobby, plus I am now generating a full time income from my hobby and my latest mission is to show other people how they can also make a living from their hobby.

If you need any help or advice then just get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you.

Well, that brings today’s ramblings to a close

Please share with your friends

Your Friend

Mark :)

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What Is Leadership

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What Is Leadership?

To me, Leadership isn’t self-seeking. What does self-seeking imply?

Let’s utilize a realistic illustration with our friend “Jim”. Jim sells a business opportunity and says on all of his sites that he’s a leader. Jim tells the individuals who follow him—those who join his business opportunity—that in order to be a leader, they ought to “give back”. And that only the individuals who “give back” are thought leaders.

So of course, when Jim wants somebody to host a training call, produce training, make follow-up calls, or do anything else that’s going to help Jims business, he’s a ready group of “volunteers.”

These volunteers are charged up at the prospect of stepping up to the plate and volunteering their time in exchange for the acknowledgement and status that comes with being one of Jims “leaders”.

It appears to make sense. There are individuals in Jim’s downline who require help and by providing this help; the volunteers are thought to be leaders. This is something that happens daily in many different organizations and downlines in this industry.

Looking At Leaders

As a result, there’s a basic belief that by being a handmaid, you’re being a leader. Actually, the “leaders” are merely followers who donate their time to another persons cause. The only leader in this situation is Jim.

This common misconception gets individuals—who even might be top producers—wedged in a web of trusting that by assisting, they’re being leaders. And so as they spend all their time being in the limelight, demonstrating their leadership while their own real beliefs fall by the wayside and start to disintegrate and no more exist.

The true leader’s notions become the volunteers’ own notions. They forget who they are truly are, what they truly signify, and what is it they really want.

Their brand becomes one associated with assisting the “greater institution” (Jim’s organization). And now the chances of these volunteers (“leaders”) ever quitting their volunteer work is thin to none.

Jim knows this, so he’s happy. As the volunteers’ whole persona gets so engrained with Jims notions and wants—they believe Jim’s beliefs and wants are their own. The volunteers will now champion Jims cause at any cost, whether or not this cause is morally bankrupt.

A true leader is somebody that’s willing to risk his or her own fate, to do what they notion is correct. This implies going against the grain—taking a stand when there are 1000s of individuals who will gladly throw stones.

A true leader is in the end assisting an outside cause that he believes in, for the purpose of assisting that cause—not merely to earn followers. Sure, the leader will likely acquire followers as a result, but this isn’t the only purpose of a true leader’s charge.

A leader isn’t concerned with whether or not he earns followers. His chief focus is in accomplishing the goals or cause that he believes in. The followers are merely an effect.

True leaders don’t have time to be “volunteers” for Jim, or handmaids for those in need of “help”. They’re too busy fighting for what they trust in and working to accomplish their own goals affiliated with their own cause.

This implies that on the outside, being a “handmaid” of the industry or “Jims XYZ Marketing System” might appear to comprise leadership. But, it’s the exact opposite.

While this is a really clever marketing technique utilized in a lot of different ways in the “make cash online” industry, you now have the knowledge to differentiate what a true leader is.

And by bearing this knowledge, you may start to question who you’re following—and why. Ultimately, this will likewise push you to stand up for what YOU trust in.

This will push you to stick up for YOUR cause. Not your sponsor’s cause or anybody else’s, but your own.

Ultimately, you’ll gain the most gratification and fulfillment out of life by remaining true to your instincts, regardless of what others believe.

It’s a tragedy to see how willing individuals are to forget about what they trust in, and to adopt a “leader’s” fresh beliefs for the hope of making a couple of thousands dollars.

My goal in discussing this matter is to challenge what occurs in this industry—in hopes that you never lose yourself and what you really believe in.

For as long as individuals continue to chase this, they’ll be forever stuck in the unprofitable cycle of hype.

I encourage you to begin listening to your hunch and your gut. It’s an excellent gift that you have for a reason. It’s there to guide you and will provide you the cutting edge in an industry where the myth of cash frequently quiets any voice of reason.

But utilizing your hunch, horse sense, and treating your business like a business will bring you payoffs far greater than any empty promise.

My goal is to help you take charge over what you listen to and where your focus is—to produce a Net Business that is not only successful, but satisfying too.

I am enjoying my home business and paricularly the freedom it gives me (and the money is not bad either). My goal for the rest of the year is to help others to realise their dreams and have their own business and work from home the same as me.

So till next time this is Mark signing off and wishing you success.


Your Friend



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3 Lifesaving Tactics to Stay Afloat In a Constantly Changing Marketplace

Let’s face the facts… old-fashioned marketing tools aren’t going to keep your business a growing and prosperous entity in today’s marketplace.  Hey, this month’s hottest techniques and information will be obsolete in six months.  Now, I’m not saying that old marketing principals can’t be upgraded and incorporated successfully, but as a rule marketers have to stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

If you’re wanting to stay ahead of your business savvy competitors you’ll need to implement 3 tactics to stay one step ahead.

1.  Watch For New Advertising Methods
You never know what will work for you unless you take the time to experiment!  Who knows?  The next marketing experiment you test may be a million dollar idea.  Keep your eyes peeled for the latest marketing news.  

It never pays to put all of your eggs in one basket.  Don’t neglect the tried and true marketing tools that have been successful in the past.  Invest about 20 percent of your advertising budget and time into testing for new marketing strategies that will increase your profits.

2.  Spruce Things Up
Don’t get stuck in a rut.  Yeah, you have products that have been successful for years, but what would happen if you gave them a “face lift?’ Would you attract new customers?  Would your old customers enjoy the change?  You’ll be surprised at what a new packaging will do for old product sales.

Sprucing up doesn’t have to stop with your products.  A few minor changes in the store appearance can bring new life to your place of business as well.

3.  Diversify
The more products you have to offer, the more insulation you have against the decline in popularity of one particular item.  Don’t go out on a limb, when you’ve got a good thing going.  Look for products and services that compliment your current products and services.  

Don’t let the speed-of-light changes in the market take your business under.  Stay afloat with these proven tactics.

I have recently diversified and after setting myself up as a business seller on Ebay I managed to qualify as a Powerseller & Top Rated Seller after only five and a half weeks and I believe anyone can do this with a little bit of hard work and determination, but I’m not stopping there, when I have Ebay well & truly sorted I am moving onto learning the ropes for selling on Amazon.

So, stand still and so will your business always be on the lookout for new ways to take your business forward.

As always, if you enjoyed todays post then why not leave a comment and share the post with your friends.

To Your Success

Your Friend

Mark :)

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Hello I’m Johnny Cash Surprising Lessons For Work at Home Moms

I’ve unearthed some surprising bits of wisdom for new Work at Home Moms by listening to Johnny Cash lately. I thought I would share some of these tidbits from the Rockabilly legend.

1) Understand Your Man …er, target market!

That’s right. Do you understand your target market? Are you aware of her needs, desires and driving ambitions? Does your website speak to your target audience? If not, perhaps you should make some changes or your website visitor or customer will be “as gone as a wild goose in winter” too!

2) A Boy Named Sue

Life ain’t easy for a boy named Sue…and life ain’t easy for a Work At Home Mom either. In your business you will have those confidence killers, dream stealers, fun suckers…whatever you want to call them. You will have people who try to tell you that you can’t achieve your goals, that what you try won’t work. Don’t let them get you down!

Sue’s father told him, “This world is rough, and if you’re gonna make it, you’ve gotta be tough.”

How can you get tough in your business?

3) Man In Black- or Branding 101

J.R. Cash didn’t don the all black suit because he didn’t have anything else to wear. It was his trademark. He wore all black for a reason.

What about you? Are you working on your brand? In a world full of Elvis Presleys and Jerry Lee Lewises, how will you stand apart? And remember, your target market doesn’t have to be just like you- Johnny Cash wrote Folsom Prison Blues and connected with inmates when he had never yet step foot in jail!

4) The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer

This song has two bits of wisdom:

a) Learn your business and you will succeed

John Henry’s Daddy told him to: “Learn to a turn a jack, learn to lay a track, learn to pick and shovel too.” Are you learning all you can about Internet Marketing so that you can succeed in your business? Do you reinvest in ebooks, coaching and mentoring, and software like John Henry’s hammer?

b) Technology has its place but it can’t take the place of humans.

When the steam engine threatened to take the place of men, Johnny proved that in the end, humans are more valuable. Learn to use technology (like autoresponders) but remember that your website visitor is a human and inject some of yourself into your marketing efforts.

5) One Piece at a Time

This ballad is about a man who decides to build a Cadillac. He steals one piece at a time from the assembly line “and it didn’t cost him a dime”. But in the end, it didn’t work out exactly like he planned!

Does your website look like a pieced together jalopy? Are you unwilling to spend any money on your own domain and hosting, content with a free site cluttered up with ads?

6) In The Jailhouse Now

Please don’t throw away your hard work by doing one of the following things:

Copying other people’s articles or content
Stealing graphics
Clicking on your Adsense ads
Not keeping records and neglecting to pay taxes

It just isn’t worth it, and you may find yourself in the jailhouse. Much better to Walk the Line so you can sleep at night.

7) Ring of Fire

Maybe you’ve made a bad choice… entered into a shotgun romance with a business that’s not right for you. Don’t be afraid to realize this, chuck everything and start over! Don’t beat your head against the wall if, after working hard on a project, you decide it’s just not profitable. Better to find your match and pour your energies into that.

In this song, June Carter Cash chronicles her growing attraction to John. Though they were both involved with other people, they were obviously soul mates and ended up making music and growing old together for the next 40 years.

May you make beautiful music with your business!

So if you are or want to be a Work at Home Mom then I hope you found this a fresh approach and I hope you can take something from it that will help you in your business.

Untill next time

Your Friend

Mark :)

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How Can Children Make Money

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How Can Children Make Money

I quite often get asked how children can make money so I have put together a few ideas. some may seem a bit strange but just use a bit of imagination and I’m sure you can easily adapt some of them to suit your own situation.

Good Luck :)

When the neighbours are out of town, water their plants, feed their pets, take in the mail, or water their grass.
Plant gardens or weed them.
Mow lawns or rake leaves.
Shovel snow.
Help a neighbour spread mulch.
Be a golf caddy.
Do pool maintenance.
Run errands for an elderly couple or a busy parent with a long commute.
Wrap gifts at Christmastime.
Pack boxes for people who are moving.
Clip coupons from the newspaper and organize them for your mom or the neighbor next door.
Paint mailboxes or fences.
Paint house numbers on curbs.
Set out garbage or organize someone’s recycling.
Run somebody’s garage sale (maybe your own.)
Clean pet cages or aquariums.
Muck stalls.
Clean basements or kitchens.
Clean cars or boats or patios.
Wash windows (not high ones.)
Pick up backyard dog doo.
Organize the neighbour’s garage or their closets.
Serve food at parties or arrive afterward and clean up.
Tutor younger kids in your favorite subject.
Teach an elderly person to use a computer.
Make web pages for people.
Design a newsletter or brochure for someone’s business.
Teach piano, tennis, sewing, or tap dancing.
Ref soccer games.
Be a director. Find some fun scripts (or write one yourself) and put on a play with the neighborhood kids.
Be a personal trainer for little kids.
Paint faces with face paint at fairs and carnivals.
Paint other girl’s nails.
Take “best friend” pictures for kids at school.
Make movies for people’s special events.
Make scrapbooks for people who don’t have time to do it themselves.
Do bike tune-ups.
Tie balloon hats and animals at birthday parties.
Be a counselor at a day camp or a mother’s helper.
Keep an elderly neighbour company.
Be a kid wrangler, and help out at at toddler’s birthday party.
Or organize children’s parties yourself, from invites to thank-yous.
Run a story hour at your house. Tell parents they can drop off their kids and you’ll read them stories and serve snacks.
Do the same things with crafts or games.
Provide after-school entertainment for somebody’s cats.
Walk dogs or groom them.
Hot drinks.
Cold drinks.
Paper-clip jewelry.
Bird feeders.
Yard signs (“Thanks for slowing down” is always popular)
Banners to welcome people home or celebrate birthdays.
Hand designed T-Shirts, key chains, or zipper pulls.
Pet treats,cat toys, or personalized pet food dishes.
High energy snacks made of nuts and chocolate morsels.
Sponge-print wrapping paper.
Sleeping bags for the little stuffed toys that all your friends are collecting this year.
What’s the biggest fad at your school? Think of things you can make that relate to it.
Flowers cut from a garden you plant and tend yourself.
Badges that promote school spirit.
Headbands, scrunchies, or scarves.
Oatmeal cookies or cupcakes.
Gingerbread houses at Christmas.
Christmas wreaths and ornaments.
Decorated tins full of chocolate kisses to match celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthdays.

So theres a few ideas to be going on with theres probably loads more if you put your creative thinking cap on.

To your success

Your Friend

Mark :)

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How To Make Money From Chickens

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How To Make Money From Chickens

Make Money From chickens

Make Money From chickens

So, following on from yesterdays post i have to say i am super excited and cant wait to tell you all about my new ebay business and as promised I shall be putting a post together later on this evening.

But in the meantime as some of you know i run my own successful Chicken business, mainly selling egg laying chickens as pets. We also sell everything needed to start keeping chickens and also everything to keep them in top condition afterwards. Obviously you can sell the eggs from your chickens and when you have some experience you could start breeding your own chickens and selling the surplus, but bear in mind some will be cockerels so you need to think what you will do with them.

But there are many ways to skin a cat and today I thought I would tell you about some other ways  of how to make money from chickens which I found on a nice little Blog called

So heres their take on making money from chickens.

Chickens Make Money!
Learn four easy ways to make money with chickens in your own backyard. Chickens are one of the easiest farm animals to raise. They have a very small start up cost and they generate a tangible product, fresh eggs and meat, that everyone enjoys.

things you’ll need:
• Baby Chicks
• Chicken Coop
• Egg Incubator
• Laying Boxes
• Egg Cartons
• Chicken Feed

1. Making money with chickens isn’t difficult. They are easy to care for and their products are easy to market. In fact, raising a few dozen chickens in your backyard is a great way to supplement your income, enjoy fresh eggs and meat, and run your own small business.

The basic business plan for making money with chickens involves you purchasing baby chickens from a hatchery and raising them until they are either laying eggs or ready to butcher for meat. You can also profit by selling baby chickens and composted chicken manure. Once you choose which type of plan you would like to try, you can decide how many and what type of baby chicks to order from the hatchery.
Raising baby chicks is not difficult, however the finer details cannot be explained within the context of this how to guide. Therefore, refer to one of the many books available about raising poultry for more details on that process.

2. One way to make money raising chickens is to have a flock of laying hens.
To begin, estimate the amount of space that you have for raising chickens. Figure at least 2 square feet per hen, to prevent overcrowding. The amount of space that you have, as well as the number of eggs that you think you will be able to sell, can help you decide how many laying hens you will need.

Next, gather your materials and build a chicken coop in your backyard. Chicken coop plans are freely available on the internet or in many books from the library. The chicken coop can be as simple or as fancy as you like, however you must remember that the coop needs to be able to protect your flock from predators.

Also, locate plans and materials for laying boxes. Build one laying box for every 3 to 4 hens. Install the laying boxes in your chicken coop.

Order pullets (baby hens) from the hatchery and raise them to laying age. It takes about four to five months for chickens to start laying eggs. Also, figure that your hens will lay about four to six eggs per week per hen depending on nutrition, age, and time of year.

Once your chickens begin egg production, egg cartons can be purchased in bulk and you can market your eggs in your local area. Remember that eggs must be sold as “ungraded” and you must label the cartons with your name and address.
Further research into small scale egg production can help you understand both the requirements and regulations that you will need to follow.

3. Another way to earn from chickens is to hatch baby chicks and sell them to other small scale farmers.

Many small scale chicken farmers, gradually begin to hatch their own baby chicks each year using their fertilized eggs and an incubator. This helps them to renew their laying flock and selling chicks can also provide an alternative source of income. Just by adding one rooster to your flock for every 10 hens, you can produce fertilized eggs that are ready for incubation and hatching. Baby chicks can be sold by word of mouth, at flea markets and trade days, or with an ad in the local paper.
You will need to perform further research on incubating and hatching baby chicks. Many resources are available via the internet or through your local library.

4. A third way to profit from a small chicken flock is to raise chickens for meat.
Fresh chicken is an excellent product to offer for sale. Many customers are looking to purchase chicken that was raised using a free range method. You can supply this growing market for fresh chicken by buying baby broiler chicks from the hatchery and raising them to maturity. The methods for raising broilers for meat differs from raising chickens for eggs, so further research is required. Once the broilers are ready for butcher, they must be processed or you must contract with a local butcher that is able to process your flock.

Selling homegrown meat is a regulated process and the rules vary from lax to very strict. Be sure to contact your local agricultural extension agent and county health department to find out what the rules are for your area.

5. Finally, another way to make money from chickens is to sell their composted manure to local gardeners.

Collect chicken manure and bedding from your chicken coop on a regular basis and establish a composting program for your flock’s waste. The finished product can be sold to local gardeners as an excellent fertilizer for their vegetable plants.

Well that brings a close to todays ramblings and even if chickens are not your thing I do hope you enjoyed it and may even think about getting some, by then you will allready know how to make money from chickens.

Make sure you drop by soon as I reveal many more ways to start your own work from home business.

Best Wishes

Your Friend

Mark :)


3 Things You Must Have In Order To Profit From Your Hobby

Turning your favorite hobby into a profitable business isn’t as difficult as you think. But there are three things you absolutely must have in order to succeed.

With over 70% of people who responded to a recent survey revealing that they were thinking about starting a business of some sort, working from home is becoming more the norm than ever before.

The problem for many people is that they don’t really know where to start and how to turn their dream into something tangible.

3 critical things you’ll need in order to turn your hobby into a profitable business are –

#1 – A Positive Attitude

By far your biggest asset in turning your favorite hobby into a thriving business is a positive attitude. I think it was Harry F. Banks who said, “Attitude determines your altitude”.

If you are going to pursue your dream and make it a reality, you must have a positive attitude and the willingness to commit to what it takes to make it happen.

So many people start out on the road to turning their hobby into a business, and then at the first sign of an obstacle, they give up, often just before they start to see results.

A positive attitude will help you to break through the barriers and temporary setbacks and reach your desired goal.

#2 – The Determination To Succeed

Many people who fall in love with the idea of turning their hobby into a business are looking for an easy way out and at the first problem, they give up and let circumstances crush their dreams.

By developing a fierce determination to succeed, your chances of creating a profitable business are infinitely higher and you are virtually setting yourself up for success.

While there are not guarantees that you will eventually make it, having the determination to push on regardless of minor problems and find solutions is the mark of a true winner.

Determination and a positive attitude can work together to help a dedicated person succeed where others have failed

#3 – A Proven System

The final and some would say most important thing you’ll need is a proven system for marketing your products and/or services.

You need a step by step process that you can follow to ensure your success; something that other’s have used successfully to achieve the same goal you have.

It’s no use having an incredibly positive attitude and loads of determination if you choose a system that’s flawed and never had a chance of working in the first place.

Look for proof that other people have followed any system you are considering and become successful.

Unfortunately, many people waste money, and more importantly, valuable time, chasing the latest fad or scheme offered by unscrupulous promoters. Most of these schemes haven’t agot  hope of succeeding, but people fall for them every day.

Don’t ever take the promoter’s word that it will work for you…demand unquestionable PROOF that many people, from all walks of life, have been able to use what he or she is offering to turn their hobby or passion into a profitable business.

When it comes to the system, results are the only thing that matters… nuf said

So there we are, that bringsto a close todays ramblings. I hope you found it useful if so please leave a comment and be sure to share with your friends.

To Your Success

Your Friend

Mark :)

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Work From Home Video

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Work From Home Video

Just hit the play button to watch the video. Its a short video for those of you who want to work from home or make money from your hobbies, enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed my little video, if so why not leave a comment and share with your friends.

Make sure you come back tomorrow as I am starting my new ebay business and making my first listing (how exciting)

To Your Success

Your Friend

Mark :)

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